July 09 - 12, 2009
Novi Sad | Serbia

In November 2003, artists from Austria arrived in Serbia for the first time, promoting in Novi Sad and Belgrade the forgotten heritage of the artist Mitar SUBA Subotic in the country of his birth.

During this time, the project Kingdom of Illusions found it's name, which is a reference to to Rex Ilusivii - the King of Illusions - which was the artists' name of Mitar SUBA Subotic in former Yugoslavia.

The artist emigrated to Sao Paulo, Brasil, where he died in 1999, while he was preparing his comeback to Europe after had released the groundbreaking album Sao Paulo Confessions.

In 2009, the EXIT FESTIVAL in Novi Sad, Serbia, is going to honour Mitar SUBA Subotic for the first time with a SUBA STAGE.

This event marks the final point of KINGDOM OF ILLUSIONS, as the artistic spirit of Mitar SUBA SUBOTIC definitively arrived at the city, where he was born in 1961. I am convinced: this SUBA STAGE is the offspring of something, that is much bigger than we are able to imagine at the moment. I don't try to predict anything - I just want to say: today I am feeling the same hope like six years ago, when I started to organize the first Hommage for SUBA in Serbia.

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