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festivals and music clubs
between Mexico City and Minsk

Festival Contact Europe I in Milano (Italy) and Contact Europe II in Oslip (A), temp~festival 2003 | 2004 | 2006 in Greifenstein (A), Festival Refract 2003 | 2004 | 2006 | 2007 in Belgrade & Zrenjanin (SRB), Festival 'Talento y Corazón' 2006 in México City, Festival of Regions 2005 in Aigen-Schlägl (A), International Film Festival "Neuer Heimatfilm" in Freistadt (A) 2005 | 2006 | 2007, ARS Electronica Festival 2005 | 2007 Linz (A), Zwischenstrom-Festival 2003 | 2005 in Weitersfelden (A), Studentski Kulturni Centar (SKC) Belgrade 2004 (SRB), Dom omladine Belgrade 2004 (SRB), Club Akademija in Belgrade 2004 | 2005 | 2006 (SRB), Kalemegdan Belgrade (SRB) 2006, Bazena "25. Maj" Belgrade (SRB) 2007, Pivica Gusan in Novi Sad (SRB) 2006, Club Zeleno Svona in Zrenjanin (SRB) 2005, Kulturni Front in Zrenjanin (SRB) 2005 | 2006, Club Matrix in Brest (Belarus) 2004, Club Bronx in Minsk (Belarus) 2004 | 2005 | 2007, Club Piranhas & Revolvers in Novopolotsk (Belarus) 2005, Club Black Door in Minsk (Belarus) 2008, Club NSL (New Sound Land) in Baranovichi (Belarus) 2008, Universidade Valle de Chalco in Mexico City 2007, Johannes Kepler University 2006 | 2007 | 2008 in Linz (A), Teatro Cavaret in Guadalajara (Mexico) 2007, Club Calavera in Guadalajara (Mexico) 2007, Backlab Festspiele 2007 Linz (A), Zaenka Festival @ LinzFest 2007 (A), World Refugee Day 2007 in Linz (A), Austrian Poetry Slam Championships in Vienna






Mexiko City

selected venues in Vienna: Flex . WUK . Rhiz . Semper Depot . U4 . Fluc . Club U . Cabaret Renz . Schikaneder . Bar Halbestadt . vekks . Pulse . selected venues in Linz: Posthof . Cembran Keller . LUI . Stadtwerkstatt . Café Strom . Tunnel . Cellar . Herberstein . Frohsinn . Landgraf . Alte Welt . Remembar . Mensa @ Kepler University . Stadtkeller






Linz | Kepler University _ ready to start the party!

Appearances with DJs like Afrikaa Baambaata (US) . Goldie (UK) . Parov Stelar (A) . Erik Sumo (Hungary) . Luv Lite Massive (A) . Just Banks (A) . Ewox (SRB) . Belgradeyard Sound System (SRB) . Raggavuk (SRB) . Flip (SRB) . Limeta & Varenika (SRB) . PS & Supany (SRB) . Joint (BEL) . Checkk (BEL) . Nerv (BEL) . Top (BEL) . Crazy Sonic (A) . Eric Fischer (A) . Uwe Walkner (A) . Caterina Pratter (A) . Irradiation (A) . Lena (A) . La Oona (A) . Ufuk (A) . Stefan Viehböck (A) . Aka Tell (A) . x.i.l. (A) . Spook (A) . Fireclat (A) . D-Tex (A) . Alexx Aiyax (A) . Houseboy (A) . Len (A) . Raza Due (A) ...
Appearances with bands & live performers like Koop Island (Sweden) . Quantic Soul Orchestra (UK) . Orkestra Santa Massa (Brasil) . Renich Bon Ciric (Mexico) . Tragicomi-K  (Mexico) . Indiga (Belarus) . Petar Rudic Oktet (SRB) . Vuneny (BiH) . Foltin (Mazedonia) . Bunny Lake (A) . Texta (A) . Shantel (GER) . !Dela Dap (A) . Roland von der Aist (A) . Andy Korg (A) . Adalbert Günther Trio (A) . Trio Exklusiv (A) . Mieze Medusa & Tenderboy (A) . Kelvin Raah (A) ...

Appearances with video artists from France, Poland, Serbia and Austria like: Karo Szmit, Aleksandra Savic, Ivan VANJUS Milinkov, Karin Steinbinder, Tschoerda, System Jaquelinde, Stefan Kushima, mnd, Leonardo, mes, Helena & Woei, rotor ...

DJ Acid Buzz supports
If your really love music

A vinyl record is the only evidence for the mutual benefit created by independent music producers and deejays. This mutual benefit has transformed music producing and deejaying into lifestyles based on the principle of <to give and take>. Ignoring this principle of fairness and respect means to destroy creativity and independence.

Independent music producers will always provide vinyl records for deejays - as long as their original tunes are bought for a fair price by deejays, which take cash for playing music. This simple and fair deal must be understood by deejays - but too many ignore the principle of <to give and take>. Instead of buying and playing the original tune on vinyl - many deejays <take> cash for playing a digital copies. Such one-sided behaviour has nothing to do with deejay culture - because it destroys the creative sources, which are providing us with fresh and innovative music.




photo: Petra Moser | Austria

When you are in a music club, please open not only your ears, but also your eyes: deejays without vinyl records are not playing the original tune. Without vinyl there is absolutely no evidence, that anybody in such a club shares a single Cent with music producers. Why should anybody spend <original> money in a club, where ears are feed with cheap digital copies? Are club owners accepting copied money? Sorry, but why do you spend your money at music clubs, which do not share their profits in a fair way with music producers?

If a club makes money with music, then the owners should respect the creators of  the music, which is played in their club. The only way is to book deejays with vinyl records, because they can proove, that they purchased the music, which they are playing. In this simple and fair way, deejays share the money, which they earn in clubs, with the creators of the music. This is called: mutual benefit.

For the audience, only turntables and vinyl records are the visible evidence, that club owners are respecting the creators of the music, which is played in their club. You see: there is no fair alternative to vinyl - and there is no excuse for unfair behaviour of clubs and performers of digital music copies. Vinyl is not a technical question - it is only a question of fairness and respect. Care for it!




photo: Petra Moser | Austria