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To get access to RMStringer’s FTP server do the following:

(1) Paste the address ftp://renigadehq.dyndns.org to an FTP client of your choice
(2) Login and password are both KLFTime

Slots are limited to 5 people at any time and the bandwidth is also monitored. Personal accounts are also available upon request. No anonymous logins possible, and please notice that passive mode will not work.
Olav’s ftp server

In case you can’t access RMStringer’s server, just try Olav’s mirror:

(1) Paste the address ftp.klfcentral.com to an FTP client of your choice
(2) Login is anonymous, password is your email adress

Slots are limited to 10 people at any time, each throtteled to 20kbps per user

Please remember that this is a free service provided by the respective owners of the ftp servers, so please don’t abuse it. (via askant)

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  2. aka meint dazu:

    hmm, mittlerweile (ich bin ja wieder mal ganz anders auf den link gekommen) gibts da so viel ich gesehen habe überhaupt keine limits mehr, der server ist arg schnell und nicht mal ein passwort braucht man noch.

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