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1blicke vong kunst her

home sweet willy*fred

die 4 in der 5. <3


du hast mir gut getan!

maxima. LIFE CHANGING FOOD, seite 142


ja ich mein, ist eh zeit geworden, dass ich mal im beautymagazin maxima neben sarah jessica parker erscheine, nedwoa?

danke für das interesse an meiner person und die geschichte über die zquetschten zwetschkn. checken sie das aus, meine damen und herren!

ich bedanke mich einmal mehr bei meiner pressefotografin luna rosa!



i am a networker and will probably be out of the house most of the time.
when i am home i like it quiet and calm so i can recharge.
i am a very social person and easily make new acquaintances, but my party days are definitely over :) i never say no to a good brunch and loooong meals with friends.

some things i deeply care about: alternative economies like sharing culture and bartering, co-working & co-living, inclusion and cultural exchange, commons, food sovereignty and regional sustenance.

oh, i am a very visual person and i loooove to take pictures. i also love good food.

by the way, during my time in BLN you will find me at the INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE

It is herewith confirmed that Ms Gerda Haunschmid is an approved participant in the above mentioned relationship that takes place in Berlin, Germany

Ein von Gerda Haunschmid (@tschoerda) gepostetes Foto am

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