in 1995 equipment exists. somebody is dying. therefore syndrom 4272 is founded. one tape is recorded ("a schlechts joar für woadasfön"), one concert is played in the backwoods at tylo´s garage.
in 1996 more electronic equipment is bought. drago torpedowicz wants us to play a live soundtrack for his new film "gusmail"... neun volt is born...,

in 1997 and the following years, more and more equipment is bought. concerts are played at various locations (from rotterdam to vienna) and on several occasions (opening days at galleries, festivals, parties,...).

1998 we founded backlab

we played some more concerts and began to record some songs (download them in the download-section) but then decided to pause...

now we are restarting neun volt with a new prepared for some new stuff in 2003...

for info contact neun volt under