Kingdom of Illusions | Kraljevstvo Iluzija is based on the idealism and the entusiasm of artists, culture activists, volunteers and supporters. The participants invested their creativity, social competence, time and money for making this unique project possible. Thanks to all for the altruistic commitment and for the spirit of cooperation across all borders! You are an avant-garde of an Europe, which does not exist yet!

Special thanks to Ruza Subotic (Novi Sad), Branka Parlic (Novi Sad), Ivan VANJUS Milinkov (Novi Sad), Aleksandra Savic (Novi Sad/Vienna), Joao Parahyba (Sao Paulo), Mag.a Regina Rusz (Österreichisches Kulturforum Budapest), Dr. Anna Jankovic (Austrijski Kulturni Forum Beograd), Dr. Erhard Busek (Stabilitiy Pact for South East Europe), Zoran Pantelic ( Novi Sad), Radule Boskovic (Kulturni Centar Novi Sad), Ljudmila & Dejan Ubovic (Cross Radio/Radio B92 Belgrade), Ljiljana Rakita (Muncipal Council Zrenjanin), Sanja & Pedja Vrzic (Zrenjanin),  Zoran Dragosev (Zrenjanin), Rusia & the band Indiga (Minsk), Dmitry Demidov (Minsk) ...

Thanks to all the journalists, camera-wo/men and radio producers for their great support in the background of this project! Your individual commitment has become an important part of the project of Kingdom of Illusions!

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Thanks for your visions: Steve Austen (Felix Meritis Foundation), Jiri Grusa (P.E.N. Club), Harald Szeemann (1933 - 2005), Robert Jungk (1913 - 1994), Milo Dor (1923 - 2005)

sincerely yours,